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Mughal Emperor Akbar was known for his extravagant, sophisticated style. He would wear two embroidered shawls joined together such that the raw stitches on the underside of each shawl would not show. Inspired by this, we designed our Akbar stole. 

Hand woven with pure Pashmina Cashmere, this stole is double-sided. One side showcases a beautiful golden brown while the other side is a beautiful purplish blue. It is hand embroidered with silk threads in pastel colors by one of our most skilled artisans.

The embroidery is a rare, age-old technique,
where both sides of the embroidery look nearly the same, allowing the fabric to be worn on both sides. There are very few artisans globally who are masters of this rare technique and able to produce this two-sided wonder. 

This stole involves a multi-step production process requiring exceptional craftsmanship, exquisite materials, and meticulous attention to detail and design. We created a very limited number of pieces for this design. Taking ten months to complete, each piece is completely hand crafted and symbolizes pure luxury. 

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