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Our Story

Munnzil (منزل) is the Urdu word for destination: an effort to make bespoke, handcrafted luxury reach our customers.


Munnzil curates luxurious Pashmina cashmere, handmade shoes, handcrafted clutches and bespoke clothing. During the process of creation, each product is given generous amounts of time and nurtured with scrupulous attention to detail, making it an anecdote of exquisite craftsmanship. 

Munnzil’s designs are a memento to our community of artisans and the craft they have perfected over generations. Worn for a special occasion or for everyday comfort, each piece adds high end luxury to your wardrobe. 

Founded by two sisters based in New York. Their love for unique designs and respect for the meticulous artisanship behind each craft became the inspiration for Munnzil. Born out of the desire to promote fading handmade crafts and empower artisans, the brand aims to uplift artisan communities while making high-end, custom luxury goods mainstream.  

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